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August 2017 Update: Tap, Watty Awards, City of the Dead & More...

Hi there! It's time for a monthly update (which I will try to do more often). August 2017 has been a hectic but incredible month so what better month to start these monthly updates!

Watty Awards

OH MY GOD! The best news ever. My story, Down the Hallway, has been shortlisted for a Tap Award at the 2017 Watty Awards! This is my first ever nomination for a Watty Award EVER and I am so over the moon excited! So many of my friends have made the shortlist on both Wattpad and Tap and I am so proud of every single one of them. The shortlisted stories were also 100% picked by the community based on ratings and feedback for the stories so it's like People's Choice Awards!

Be sure to download Tap if you have not already and give Down the Hallway and the other shortlisted stories a read - I promise they are all worth it!

Tap Stories

Since July 28, 2017, Tap has launched its Tap Originals program - top-tier writers are commissioned to provide high quality content that gets published eve…

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